About Us

November 4, 1946

Eleven women met last evening in the home of Margaret Murphey to organize a Little Theatre Group.


Currently, our Board is comprised of:

Past President: James MacDonald

President: Susan Baker

Vice President: Nadine Jensen

Recording Secretary:  Peggy McConnell

Membership Secretary, Facebook Chair, Website Coordinator: Kelcey Fontes

Treasurer: Sylvia Chappell

Managing Director, Playreading Committee Chair, OCTA Delegate: Millie Butts

Business Manager: Brenda MacDonald

Building Manager: Dale Jensen

Theatrical Equipment Manager: James MacDonald


Dave Blankenbeker

Karen Dages

Margaret Helbing

Margot McCann

Bonnie Segaard

Kristen Stewart

Enjoy the show

We hope to see you soon!

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